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Someone, after listening to this song, asked me how long it takes to write one. In the case of "Moment of Grace" it either took four years, or half an hour, depending on how you look at things. It's a song about remembering why we become christians in t

Song Description

Remembering what's important

Song Length 3:51 Genre Country - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Encouragement
Language English


Karmann Powell copyright 2006

Most of my life
I needed no one
On top of the world
I was the lucky one
Then life turned around
I dropped to the bottom
I found myself
Alone and forgotten

That moment of grace
So sweet and so tender
That moment of grace
The simple surrender
That momen of grace
I'll always remember
When I became yours
Jesus, I'm yours

Through one little prayer
I became whole
From darkness to light
In Jesus I know
That the old persons gone
I'm a new creation
And one of God's
Newest relations


All of the talk
About dogma and theology
Has the effect
Of making me crazy
When I get to much
Of discussion and arguement
I just sit back
And let my mind drift to

Chorus (3 times)

Lyrics Karmann Powell Music Karmann Powell
Performance kp mandolin, guitar, bass; Tim Hamm, drums; Pastor Huck Kusner, harmonica
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