Story Behind The Song

This song is about Calvary Chapel, in Black Canyon City, AZ. Huck Kusner is the pastor at the church and always coming up with one liners that tend to stick in my head. I put all the one liners together in a song - an anthem to little churches. And, ye

Song Description

celebration of small churches

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Sociable
Subject Fun Language English


Karmann Powell copyright 2006

There's a church in a town with no sidewalks or curbs
Where the word of God will always be heard
The pastor grabs the bible and goes through it verse by verse
In the little city that's the "hub of the universe"

From bikers to businessmen
We're all just souls in skin
King Jesus is welcomed
Before worship even begins
Everyone's invited - come and see
Get blessed, get hugged, get saved, get God
For you there's an empty seat

There's a church in a town with no sidewalks or curbs
Bringing the light of Christ into this dark world
The church doesn't have a steeple,
Just lots of loving, friendly people
Who welcome all who walk through the doors


It's not about the church
It's Jesus precious blood
About God's grace, His mercy
And His redeeming love
No denomination can save you
But the truth will set you free
And the truth is in the bible - come and see

There's a church in a town with no sidewalks or curbs
Flowing with the spirit and on fire for the Lord
Get baptised in a cattle tank
Or a muddy creek
It doesn't matter if it's Christ that you seek

Chorus (twice)

Lyrics Karmann Powell Music Karmann Powell
Performance Karmann Powell, vocals, guitar, bass; Pastor Huck Kusner, harmonica; Tim Hamm, drums
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