Who's Got Time (version 2)

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, In High Spirits Subject Change, Life
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz Language English
Era 2000 and later


Memories in time but then the time starts wasting
Chasing all your dreams but then your dreams start chasing you down that dead end road
Got no time to waste on all the negative emotions
Rather fill my soul with love, passion and devotion, that's only life I know
(Turn it up)
There has got to be a higher truth
Hiding somewhere right in front of me and you

(Who's got) something to say, they've been holding back (Let me hear you now)
(Who's got) reasons they've been living in the past (Let it all out)
We could keep on waiting never making up our minds
No more hesitating cause who's got time

People in the streets fighting screaming at each other
Got be a better way for people discover how true peace comes from love
Cannot find a reason not to free myself of fear
Block out all the drama and the crazy shit I hear, yeah we can rise above, yeah
There has got to be a higher truth
Hiding somewhere right in front of me and you


(background: ah-ah-a-wey)
Now is our never
There's no forever
Don't know if we don't try
This is our one and only ride

We're not gonna get anywhere waiting it out
Sitting around talking about what we're gonna do and what we're gonna change
Just brings on more of the same old same heartbreak, heartache
How much can we take
Let's turn it around and do something new
Find a way to reinvent our own truth
Find a way to reinvent our own truth
You can rise above and find another way
Remember there's a promise for a better day
You just gotta stop holding back
Stop waiting in line
Make the choice
All you have is now
This is your time


Lyrics Buccino/DeMaria/DeMaria Music Elliot Root
Performance DeMaria/Buccino
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