Song Length 6:12 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110)


© 2007 Jonathan Powell

Belly Up to the bar again
Just a bourbon to call me friend
I don't know no one sitting here but I don't care
Sitting quiet like I always do
Just keep the glass full & I'll be cool
And keep the crazies away from me if you can

It's been a long drive - I'm too tired to sleep
I need some time alone to wind down in peace
But I could tell she was lonely for some company
So I tried to keep my mind on my drinking
I tried pretending that she wasn't speaking
And I tried spitting on the barroom floor
Down at her feet

I ain't nobody you want to know
I ain't nobody you ever seen before
I ain't nobody - Why don't you leave me alone?
Go away & let me be nobody

Another day, another barmaid's smile
Here it comes again - it just takes a while
But I've been told time & time again I ain't no prize

I don't know why someone always thinks
They know my face,
They want to buy me one more drink
I guess I'll take it kindly
With the grains of salt there underneath

Man, I ain't nobody you'd want to know
I ain't nobody you ever met before
I ain't nobody - I'm just a drunk at the bar
Just go away & let me be nobody

She said, "I don't have the time to waste on you
I can't tell you everything
That I've been through"
Too many times - Too long - Too much to take
I've got nothing left to say
That will make you stay

I disappear for an hour or two
It don't matter where - I can't say with who
I stumble in to this cold and lonely empty room

I ain't nobody she wants to know
I ain't nobody and never will be more
I ain't nobody - I guess she walked out the door
She's gone away - She let me be
She's gone away - Gone & left me be
She's gone to stay & I'll always be...

Lyrics Jonathan Powell Music Jonathan Powell
Producer Jonathan Powell Performance Jonathan Powell (Vox, Gtr, Bass, Drums), Tom Langenberg (Ld. Gtr.)
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