Let's Go Drinkin'

Story Behind The Song

Let's get Drunk and THEN breakup

Song Length 4:20 Genre Rock - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Let's Go Drinkin'
© 2005 Jonathan Powell

Where ya goin'? - I got something left to say
I know it's over but it doesn't need to end this way
It's too late to say we're sorry
For all the things I've said & done
I will never be the man
You always thought that I'd become

Let's Go Drinkin'
We'll have one more Friday night
One more chance to make some memories worth all the wasted time

Let's Go Drinkin'
Just forget the reasons why
It makes it easier to leave
And you won't have to say goodbye

At home & lonely - is where you'll be when I'm gone
Alone & homely
Who would want the mess that I'd become
Living life ain't easy but I guess that's nothing new
That's just the way it is
But I can't keep myself from blaming you

Let's Go Drinkin'
Everything will be alright
We'll make it better - Not forever
Just for one more long good night

Let's Go Drinkin'
There's nothing left for you & I
All's forgiven if you're willing
We'll pretend for one last time

I still remember how it was before it all went wrong
And it's not too late
To make this break worth everything we've lost

Let's Go Drinkin'
It's just another Friday night
One more bottle in the back seat
One more knock down drag out fight

Let's Go Drinkin'
Don't be bitter - Don't be shy
Bottoms up! Skoal! Cheers! Sláinte! Salud!
Baby, here's mud in your eye!

Let's Go Drinkin'

Very catchy hook!! Great vocals!!! Very smooth, kick your feet up kind of song!!!

Nice track! It has a sort of REM sound to it which I really like. I love the jangly rhythm guitar tracks, they work really well for this track and the over all groove is great.

GREAT ONE TO DO--LIVE--I dig it!--YAY!--thanxs--NJ.

Nicely done. A happy song with appropriate lyrics. An effective job with a simple song that is memorable.

do you.............

Cool song, definitely TV material

Catchy tune loved the instrumentation. Instrumental break was expected and enough to add flavour to the track.

I like the singer and musical structure. A nice wall of sound.

Good bridge, nice flow.

Classical song about shadowy love and the cure of course = drink in'!

So simple clear and true. Thank you

***** Great!

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