Wasn't it You?

Story Behind The Song

Jerry Gladstone and I working on a Bossa chord change I came up with

Song Description

Who's Fault is it when love goes wrong? l

Song Length 3:56 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Latin - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Annoyed, Troubled
Subject Frustration, Sadness Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Wasn?t It You?
©Joseph Miller

Wasn?t It You?
Wasn?t it you who told me love never dies
Wasn?t It You?
Baby who was so above tellin? lies
Wasn?t It You? You?
Where are you now if that?s a sample of how
You keep a promise you made
Well I?ll drink a toast to you sweet thing for a most
Convincing charade
Wasn?t It You?

Wasn?t It You?
Wasn?t It You?
who always claimed we?re so right
What did I do
Suddenly you went through a change overnight
What did I do?

Well hold on right there
I didn?t paint our affair
This shade of indigo blue
If someones to blame
Who broke the rules of the game
And split our one-ness in two

Wasn?t It You?
Wasn?t It You?
Wasn?t It You?

Lyrics Joseph Miller, Jerry Gladstone Music Joseph Miller
Producer Joseph Miller Publisher Joseph Miller
Performance Joseph Miller Label Joseph Miller
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