Down to The River w Joseph Miller Vocal

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by a very cool Gospel Piano entry to the 6 Pack... I wrote and sung these words...

Song Description

My Mother always said she felt much more spiritual just getting out into Nature and sitting listening to the sounds of the River, the rustling of the wind through the trees. So I wrote this lyric based upon that idea of religiosity without a formal religion.

Song Length 2:34 Genre R & B - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Joyful
Subject Spirituality Language English
Era 2000 and later


Down by The River
Copyright 2010
Lyric Joseph Miller
Inspired by a 6 Pack Entry a very cool Gospel Piano Instrumental

Well you're down, heart-broke and lonely
The worlds got nothing for you
You check out your life and see theirs nothing in it
But Shades of Darkness and Blue
Theirs a place I know down by the River
Just might have something for you
you just close up your eyes and
open up your heart
you'll feel that spirit come through

You'll feel that white light surround you
You'll feel all that love coming through
Then you'll feel the arms of an Angel of Mercy Surrounding you
So Warm so Strong so True

All you gotta do is
come with me
Down by the River
Theirs something there so pure and true
Before long you'll find the song in your spirit
Then you'll want to dance the whole night through
Praising the Lord that you found within you

You'll feel that White Light Surround you
You'll feel the Love of God Coming through
Then the Angel of Mercy
Will put arms around you
So Warm, Protecting and true

All you got to do is
Come with me
Down by the River

very well done, I liked the vocals. I loved the piano especially the intro. Kinda like a blues rock vibe with a gospel message.Very fun track. Maybe vamp the ending a bit longer. Good job/ Melody was really good all the way thru.

Lyrics Joseph Miller Music Vince Constantino, Joseph Miller
Producer Vince Constantino, Joseph Miller Performance Vince Constantino, Joseph Miller
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