I Believe in You

Story Behind The Song

Many artists and visionaries have had obstacles and opposition,(MLK, John Lennon, Ghandi)but where would we be had they given up? This is a song to inspire a new generation of dreamers!

Song Description

Make your dreams come true no matter what!This is a song that inspire hope and restore determination!

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Joyful Subject Dreams, Encouragement
Similar Artists Queen, Train Language English
Era 2000 and later


You had a dream when you were young
To fight and win and conquer all
There wasn't anything at all could bring you down
It didn't matter where you were
You could knocked down any door
But tonight the lights have burned out in your town

But I believe in you
Your dreams are beautiful
I believe in you
You make life beautiful (to me)

Sometimes it's hard to fight the world
Sometimes it's hard to take a fall
And to watch life tear down everything you build
Some try with lies and cries to reach you
Cause in this world they've got to teach you
That everything that can defeat you surely will

So many dreams you could be reaching
So many lives you could be leading
The very thing that has been leading you my dear

(I believe in you, I believe in you)

I believe in you and I believe in your dreams
Go and get your dreams
Go go go
Don't ever let your fire ever burn out
And never lay down your sword
Never stop your mind from dreaming
And keep on knocking down all those doors
Never say you cannot make it
Never give in to the crowd
Fight for all the things you've wanted
Keep your head up and walk proud
Cause I believe in you
Cause I believe in you
I believe

Lyrics Rachel Hutcheson & Jon Statham Music Jon Statham
Producer Jon Statham Publisher Five Pound Opinion Music Publishing
Performance Jon Statham Label none
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