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Country boy falls for City girl & "countrifies" her

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - General, Country - Rockabilly
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Gracious
Subject Falling in Love Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn, Tim Mcgraw
Language English Era 2000 and later


RED NECK STARTER KIT (M. Bennett/J. D'Agostino/W. Boutros) 615-383-1607

Well the day she came to town
To see her cousin getting hitched
She said "up in new York, we call this place "the sticks"
At a party down at charley's for the bride and groom to be
Yeah she stuck out like a diamond in a bowl of turnip greens

She sat and watched us dancing around for a while
When the Boot scootin' boogie made her crack a little smile
I could tell she had it in her, all she needed was a chance
So I walked straight up and offered her a how ya doin' hand

And I said Sugar let me put a little backwoods in your stride
I was born and bred hillbilly, down in Mississippi
If you wanna give country a try, I'll be

Your bowl of grits, your trailor hitch
Your good time, moon shine and boiled crawfish
I'll be your camo cap, your white pearl snaps
Let me be your redneck starter kit

Soon she could shimmy, shake and do the boogie woogy roll
So we hit the Cue and Brew at Clancy's billiard hall
She took a swig and Miller suds were smiling on her lips
Said "I don't even know how I'm supposed to hold the stick"

Well I said, let me show you how they do it down in Chickasaw
All you gotta do is grip it, chalk the cue and rip it
Let me help you find the spot.


Soon that girl was sinking two and three balls at a time
I said" It's time to go," she grabbed my can of skoal
and joked "Your tailgate or mine?"

I could tell this pretty Yankee was now countrified
And what started as a spark was a big bonfire
I said, baby you're one eighty from that New York City glitz
She said ain't it time you showed me how cowboys like to be kissed?

"be my...."

Lyrics Jon D'Agostino
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