When Love Makes a Fool

Story Behind The Song

personal experience

Song Description

Realizing you just lost your one true love

Song Length 4:46 Genre Jazz - Classic
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Loneliness, Heartbreak
Similar Artists Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr. Language English
Era 2000 and later


You spend all your time remembering
And soon all those times don't mean anything
It's a pain I'm afraid you'll have to go through
When love makes a fool outta you

All of the times you thought it'd last
You never thought it'd go so fast
But it still keeps you wondering what you're gonna do
When love makes a fool outta you

It's hard to forget a lover
It takes time for things to heal
But soon you'll be with another
And that same old loving feeling is what you'll feel

But soon you become too much aware
The more that you want it (her), the less it's (she's) there
But it's (she's) all you want and nothing (no one) else will do
When love makes a fool outta you

Lyrics John Worsham Music John Worsham
Producer John Worsham Publisher Worshamusic
Performance John Worsham Label None
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Nebraska #8
Jazz - Classic #10
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