I'm Taking You With Me

Song Length 3:20 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening


I'm gonna face the world
I'm gonna stand up tall
Now I know what it takes
I'm gonna give it all
And I'm gonna reach for every star that I see

(And) Cause I'm takin' you with me, and we're gonna climb mountains
And we're gonna build bridges across every stumbling block
we encounter
And we're gonna swim rivers, and we're gonna sail oceans
And we're gonna make every dream a reality and baby we'll show them
Cause I'm takin' you with me

I see it all so clear
I've been inspired by you
I feel like I can fly
There's nothing I can't do
And you can be sure I ain't quittin' no more

Repeat Chorus

You can be sure if I fall anymore
I'll get up and start over again

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