Beyond the North Wind

Song Description

Written in Beatle Style

Song Length 2:53 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Unique - Soundtracks


In this multi-colored world you let yourself give way
To the never-ending evil things that shadow us today
Turn around and walk the line that leads you to the gate
Of a never-ending happiness that knows no wrong or hate

Beyond the north wind you can let your dreams come true
Let your heart come through

A pocket full of diamonds for a pocket full of stones
I'd trade my life for happiness and God, He only knows
Beyond the north wind you are free and love it does exist
Life is one eternal dream of happiness and bliss

Beyond the north wind there is music in the air
Music everywhere

Beyond the north wind it's a place within your mind
A place beyond our time

Lyrics John Moore Music John Moore
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