How Great

Story Behind The Song

I've always liked the idea of real power lying with the unseen, unsung workers, I suppose that this is all about that.

Song Description

The unsung Hero

Song Length 3:33 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


How Great

Big man floating in the ocean
Big mans lost out at sea
Little boat swaying with the motion
And nobody cares be he
And for the first time in his life
He is his only company
No-one there to shout how great he is

He's looking for his little people
To get him out of this
Who's fresh ambitious faces
Should be staring back at his
And in between the platitudes
His ass they'd gladly kiss
But they're not around to shout how great he is
How great he is

In the board room with the leather chairs
And marble on the walls
Someone's appointed as the one who cares
And it's move on up, for one and all

Little man's out there fishing
He does it every day
He doesn't know big man's missing
And he wouldn't care anyway
But he rescues him from certain death
And goes along his way
No-one there to say how great he is
Until today

nice beat and overall sound on this this song has a very interesting glow to it! The recording is well done and the engineer should get a bottle of Champagne!

OH WOW!--really nice song!--i like it a lot!---had me tapping my feet!--thanxs--joe

Love this one it a harmonium ?

What a great sound this track has. The melody is nice. Vocal tone, pitch and control is great. Arrangement creates a wonderful mood. The lyrics are good and paint pictures in the listener's mind and tell a story. Very nice job.

sweet little song that builds nicely..sounds like paulie

Lyrics John Evans Music John Evans
Producer John Evans Performance John Evans
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