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Getting older, I suppose

Song Length 5:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Language English
Era 2000 and later



What?s ahead of me, uncertainty
Changing colour hair
What?s the future hold, a pot of gold
Or concessionary fares
Do we choose the path
Can we change our destination
So many doubts, so many questions left to ask

But the only certainty
Our own mortality
And you right here with me
And the only thing that?s true
Cloudy skies or blue
Me right here with you

So we?ll settle down, children gather round
We can take it as it comes
Got the kettle on, nothing can go wrong
Hoping God can?t do his sums
That?s another day
We?re heading for that golden telegram
Shall we hang another duck upon the wall


So much more to give, so much life to live
We can turn this on its head
Turning up the sound, bring the party round
We can worry when we?re dead
Lets enjoy the rush
Of ever changing circumstances
Can?t enjoy the highs if you don?t have the lows


nice laid back song..a good listen. almost has a Carribbean feel

This song has a cool, smooth feel and a clear message: Live for now, live in the present. Terrific intro; loved the percussion and lead guitar. Great listen, jazzy vibe. Interesting lyrical structure, but it worked. My favorite verse was the one about settling down. Great sounding instrumental section. Vocal is clear and easy to understand. Great lyric: Worry when we're dead.

Lyrics J C Evans Music J C Evans
Performance J C Evans
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