Day 4 - Turn It Around

Song Description

A tribute to making love last.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Contemporary


Here we are
We're here together
For better or worse
Now and forever more
But it's not enough
Enough just to say it
We've got to accept the hand we're dealt
And we've got to play it now

If the fog in the mirror makes your life unclear
Cause you're standing too close
I'll be standing near
If you're searching for something
That can't be found
You will find me here
To turn it around

So where do we
Where do we go now
It's up to us to trust in love
Without really knowing how
So leave it all
We'll leave it behind us
And we'll understand that hand in hand
It will remind us now

That the seasons are changing and so naturally
They are swirling around us like gold autumn leaves
And if you're dizzy from riding on your merry-go-round
Just take my hand
I'll turn it around

And if hope springs eternal
Let us both drink it up
And if your love's running dry
You can have my cup
And if you're jumping too high
And fall the wrong way down
I'll be right below
To turn it around

Lyrics Joel Plimmer Music Joel Plimmer
Producer Joel Plimmer Performance Joel Plimmer

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