If You Don't Stand For Love (What Do You Stand For?) rkf

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And if we don't stand for love, What do we  stand for?

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Exultant, Composed Subject Courage, Civil Rights
Similar Artists Melissa Etheridge Language English



My cousin wanted me to stand up for her at her wedding.
Her parents just couldn't make it she said.
Well I just now heard 'em singing out in church.
And they mighta been sick,
And they mighta been hurt,
But it seemed pretty clear to me that they weren't dead.


Kinda strange, I thought, her asking me to be the one to stand there.
I hadn't even yet seen her fiancé.
I ask why has she been hiding him and where did they meet.
Is he a drunk, is he a skunk?
She says "My love is sweet.
And by the way,
I'll be marrying a woman that day."


She said she stood up for the football team
Back in high school,
Where she was no prom queen.
And she stood up for her country
In the middle of war.
Don't ask.
She found love, she said,
And never had a hankering
To be wed.
And then this feeling spread, that
If you don't stand for love,
What do you stand for?


Well, she sure did give me a whole lot to chew over,
And I wasn't sure if my teeth were strong enough.
But really what do I know and really what do I care?
Maybe my head can hold a little more than my hair.
And maybe my heart can handle some tender stuff.


Well, if she stood up for the football team,
And she's standing here with her romantic dream,
I'll do my part here to add to the local lore.
So I'll stand up tall.
'Cause if I stand for these two,
I'm kind of standing for all
Who hear affection's call.
And if I don't stand for love,
What do I stand for?


Well, we can be scared of folks
Who want to wander down an aisle.
But none of us is gonna be 'round here
For more than a little while.
So why don't we:

Stand up like for the football team.
So few of us are ever prom king or queen.
Right now we got a chance
To stand right here for something more.
So let us bless these two.
I don't know a better use of our legs today, do you?
Than for a couple this true.
And if we don't stand,
Stand up,
Stand up,
Stand up
For love,
What do we  stand for?
What do we  stand for?
What do we  stand for?

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