He Makes Me Breakfast

Song Length 2:43 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Other Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Delighted, Sociable Subject Relationship, Encouragement
Language English



He brings me flowers.
Holds hands at movies.
Works a jam-packed week,
But plenty of loving time with me.
Likes a shady tree.
And he makes me breakfast.

Chats with my fam'ly.
He talks real easy.
Scrubs the bathroom down,
Fixes the kitchen for a kick.
Gave his keys to me right quick.
And he makes me breakfast.


Kinda sounds like a horror flick before it turns real grim,
But no surprise has been too scary
Since I've taken up with him.

He makes me breakfast.
Thick maple bacon.
Sometimes we cook together.
We still kiss if we disagree.
How did this come to be,
That he makes me breakfast?

And it's not so much the things he does,
And all without a sound.
It's more that when he goes and does them,
It's just nice that he's around.

He makes me breakfast.
No need to question.
So get yourself back to the one who's treating you just fine.
Go and show some spine.
So you burnt the breakfast.
Then you got cranky.
Hoped for perfection.
Hopped up on whiskey.
So you're hung-over.
Well, go back home and let him love you still,
If you can handle that.
Maybe you can handle that,
If he makes you breakfast.
He'll make you breakfast.


Lyrics Jim Laev Music Jim Laev
Performance Brittany Allyn
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