When You're Ready

Song Length 3:07 Genre Pop - Rock


I've been watching you
As you're watching the boys in the bar
And I can see it's true
That your lust has gone a little too far
You might think
That the attitude
Of some leather-wearing pretty boy
Will satisfy you
You might say
That's the place where you're at
But baby, be honest
Aren't you better than that?

And when you're ready
For a man who can take you where
He can show you
How is heart can truly care
And when you're ready
For a more adult affair
And you're ready for a real love
I'll be there

I see how you stare
At the prettiest ones in the room
And I guess you don't care
That they can't even carry a tune
You might think
They'll take care of your heart
But even I can see
How you'll be drifting apart
You might say that's
That's where you want to go
But baby, here's something
That I think you should know

Repeat Chorus

And I wonder
With them looking the way that they do
Are you blinded
To what is right here in front of you

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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