Not Enough Tears

Song Length 3:58 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


We'd known each other for far too long
Yeah, we were two of a kind
I used to know when important things
Were on your mind
And when I heard you were thinking of leaving
I didn't think you'd follow it through
But now you're gone and you have cast in doubt
Everything I thought I knew

And there are not enough tears in this world
To bring you back to me
Not enough tears in this world
Though I'm crying endlessly
Oh, one day I'll be over losing you
When my heart learns how to be tough
But until then, there are not enough
Tears in this world

I knew that times had been hard for you
I should have seen all the signs
Should have been better at reading
Between the lines
And now I struggle in my daily reality
To keep the guilty feelings at bay
Oh, were there things I could have said and done
That would have made you want to stay

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