Saucy Saxes Live in the Can

Story Behind The Song

Late at night... needed to just coast along.....

Song Description

hand coded (meaning NOT playing, but rather writing in) a totally MIDI 'saucy' mix of rhythmic percussion, natural sounding bari and alto saxes, Hamond organ & Strat guitar to sound like a local bar group after they had played for about 4hrs straight without a break, had had their share of drinks, and were on their last song of the last set to end the night at 1:30am just before closing. Did I succeed?

Song Length 2:09 Genre Latin - Salsa, Jazz - Bossa Nova
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Sociable
Subject General Era 2000 and later

Very dancable. Love the instruments and arrangement. Great playing on the keys. Quality recording. Definitely has markability. Awesome song! Great job on this one. Enjoyed and love it!

Music Jim Covington Producer Jim Covington
Publisher Jim Covington (ASCAP) Performance Jim Covington's right hand and a mouse
Label rstcrecords
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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