Licorice Popsicle

Story Behind The Song

bored at a recording session and tired from singing words, whistling required less jaw movement... "so let's whistle the tune instead"... then we'll drink some more tea to ease our throats. This recording was used on TV shows in the early 1970's.... so, yes, it was good enough for commercial use then... found it on one of our very old 10" studio reels.... sorry if it offends anyone for uploading a poor quality recording. I just thought it would be interesting as a comparison to music of today's current styles for TV.

Song Description

there is not a long description... this is not brain surgery... it's fun, it builds positive peptides and promotes delightment.

Song Length 1:14 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Latin - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Delighted, Joyful Subject Joy, Happiness
Language No Language Era 1960 - 1969


no lyrics.... this is whistling

You gotta love a song that's all about whistling! And I do. It almost has a nostalgic feel that really warms the soul when this tune is spinning. A great feel-good tune for a sync opportunity looking for just that. This would be a great for a commercial sync or any kind of kids-show or comedy skit. Good stuff and real fun.

Wow, I am full of admiration for that ability to whistle. It is amazing. The song/melody/ whistle is as fresh as an early morning in spring with blue sky and bird songs. Great tune. but there are not many who can do it full justice. What a jolly, sprightly "song".

Lyrics no lyrics Music Steve Engle/Jim Covington
Producer Steve Engle/Jim Covington Publisher Steve Engle/Jim Covington
Performance Steve Engle/Jim Covington Label dunkertown
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