Brighter Day

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by the recession and my trip to Jamaica many years ago!

Song Description

The Man in the relationship looks at the things he promised his woman and their current problems due to his unemployment and asks her to have faith and reasssures her that a "Brighter Day" will come if they stay together through everything.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Rock, World - Reggae/Caribbean
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Fight, Fear
Similar Artists Bob Marley And The Wailers, Jason Mraz Language English
Era 2000 and later


Brighter day lyrics:

Yeah, alright! Woo hoo hoo yeah

Verse 1
I'm walking along I got holes in my shoes
My newspaper's just full of bad news
and Girl I promised you a castle one day
But now we fightin' over the bills that we pay

Stop looking ahead with fear girl
'Cause one thing I'm seeing so clear now
We'll make it through and we'll both be stronger
I'm gonna to sing it just a little bit longer (I said)
Through hard times we held to each other
You been more than a friend and a lover
My pocket's empty but my heart is full I'm just your puppet and my strings you pull.
Together girl we"ll make a brighter day!

Verse 2
Was fightin" the Boss man "cause he keep playin' them bad tricks
Now unemployment's hurting our economics
Keep giving me kissin' and all of your huggin' and you'll see
With all that lovin' girl just what a prince I can be!



And I'm gonna take you with me, Wherever I go
You're still my angel even when you lose your halo
(you're still my angel baby)
And if they try to bring us down upon our knees
Love will calm our stormy seas...our stormy sea... our stormy seas oh darling please!

Verse 3:
Budget is tight and we got enough just to get by
Girl think of the things we got that money just can't buy!
Well I got some kissin' and I got some squeezin so thrillin' yeah!
When I give you my lovin' now girl make you feel like a million!

Chorus 2x's

We held to each other... more than lovers
Ooo oo oo yeah yeah
Don't look ahead with fear girl
See so clear now Ooo oo oo yeah yeah
We held to each other... more than lovers
my heart is full... my heart is full
Together girl we'll make a brighter day!
(Background vocals underneath)

Now this is fun. Original tune. I think it could be used for pop uses even with the obvious reggae influences. Kind of an updated UB40. I think this is a versatile track. Changes keep it interesting. Dig the harmony as well. Nice instrumental solo. I think this song has potential for various commercial uses.

Gotta happy groove. I like it. That steel is groovin'

It's a song that would be fun to listen in a convertible on a sunny day driving by the beach.

Couldn't find any categories (above) to rate below 5. This was brilliant in many respects. Vocals - SPECTACULAR, particularly the harmonies < very lush! Overall a great variety of sounds. Particularly liked the section at 2:00 that was such an excellent break to make the ends fresher. Excellent production - pristine and crisp with great separation.

loved the whole performance! fun lyrics, creative percussion, great vocals!

I've rated I-don't-even-know-how-many songs on this site, and never once rated any song 5's across the board before...until I heard this song. All marks well-deserved. The arrangement and changes kept my attention the whole time. What else can I say?

Love the effects on the vocals, mixed really good. Love the little "make a brighter day" change up in the mood and style of the song, works really effective going back into the regge. Same with the middle section of the song.....really enjoyed the different styles of music. Great production on everything. Superb song writing skills, and arranging skills. Loved the backing vocals on the end....the long note melody thing.....reminded me of the Beach Boys in that section. All in all, really super good track. Great job.

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