(For Tsunami Victims & Families) On A Day Like Today (Jim)

Song Description

written for the victims and families of the tsunami disaster

Song Length 5:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


On A Day Like Today

Just another perfect day
The grandeur of creation on display
For anyone with eyes to see
All that is, is meant to be

Unfettered like the wild whipping wind
The life I live, the joy I feel within
And I start to think my time is fin'lly here
And the rhyme and the reason seem clear

On a day like today
The problems of this world so far away
And I feel so strong
I?d like to sing my song
On a day like today

And we watched the ocean fade
As it returned, I heard the sound it made
Like nothing ever heard before
And I pray it be heard nevermore
Then I saw things from above
I was flying and dreaming of
Things I could have never really known
And beautiful places that somehow seemed like home

On a day like today
While the world would weep and pray
There was no right or wrong
There were no weak or strong
On a day like today


Down below the people cried
Tears enough to turn back the tide
And the question for all mankind
Comes to drown those left behind
If not for you, everywhere
Joining hands because you care
Let one thought for us remain
And no one must die in vain

On a day like today
That?s all I have to say
There's a brand new song
And we'll all sing along
On a day like today
And when you sing this song
Send a prayer along
For a day like today

Lyrics Jim and Jody Bustamante Music Jim and Jody Bustamante
Producer Jim and Jody Bustamante Publisher Jim and Jody Bustamante
Performance Jim and Jody Bustamante Label Jim and Jody Bustamante
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