The Gardener

Story Behind The Song

I had this idea to write a song based on the parable of the vineyard owner bouncing around in my head for quite awhile. One Saturday morning, I was going into the neighborhood hardware store, and a gentleman was campaigning for a city council job. Instead of the usual free handouts, like buttons or pens, he was handing out small pads of paper with his name at the top. I didn't actually read it, but put it in my coat pocket. Later that week, the right words started popping into my head. I grabbed the little pad and wrote them down. When I had finished the song and worked out the chords, I looked at the top of the pad. The name of the campaigning gentleman was Gardner. I smiled at the possible coincidence and named the song, The Gardener.

Song Description

The parable of the vineyard owner is often misunderstood to be about justice and equity. When the owner "overpays" the workers who did not work a full day, our sense of fairness is upset. However, what we should realize is that God loves us all equally and can give His gifts freely to everyone. Secondly, realizing that we receive gifts from Him, it is inconsistent to think we can "earn" them.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Folk - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Gracious Subject Religion
Language English Era 2000 and later


the day is new
the sky is blue
there's lots of work in my field for you
will you come and labor
wager your time with me
bargain for your due
that's what you want
tha's what I'll give to you

the sun is high
in the midday sky
you've let these hours idle by
hurry to my field
the vine has much to yield
spend your talent there
and trust that I will pay you what is fair

the day is nearly gone
and still they labor on
will you lend a hand?
gather all you can
no cause to be concerned
for I can give you more than you can earn

my garden grows here on this earth
be mindful of it's passing worth
it's all a gift, it's all to share
it's mine to give, and yours to care

now can you see
what will be
part of my generosity
if you come and labor
wager your time with me
don't worry for your pay
there's lots of work in my field today

Lyrics Jim Bustamante Music Jim Bustamante
Producer Jim Bustamante Publisher n/a
Performance Jim and Jody Bustamante Label n/a
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