Every Single Day

Song Description

Love that starts young and full of surprises becomes vintage and comfortably worn, but as true as ever. Deeper. Enduring.

Song Length 4:54 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Moving Subject Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan, Jewel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Let me hold your hands palms up
And I will read the lines
I don't have gifts with which to decipher
But it would still feel fine

You could call me 'Sweetheart'
I already call you mine
And you could show me how you would hold me
If you could read my mind

All these days could make up our life
And both of our faces change
I love you
Every single day

You could show me pictures
You painted back at school
And I'd pull out those songs that I wrote that
Nobody thought were cool

If you decide to love me I'd really like to know
We could stage the rest of our days just
to tell each other so

Let those days make up our life
Let all of our hair turn grey
I love you
Every single day

So I will teach you Spanish
And how to hold a kid
And you could show me how to stay married
Just like your daddy did

I will learn to serve you
And I'll learn not to close my heart
If you'll convince me that I'm still pretty
Beside the man you are

All these days will make up our life
And all of our strength give way
I love you
Every single day

Lyrics Jennifer Daniels Music Jennifer Daniels
Producer Scott Smith
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