Home (old mix)

Song Length 1:00 Genre Blues - Chicago


She's found all the ghosts that will climb down a family tree
A churchman a farmhand and one whose blood
flows warm through me
Left behind a drunkard with no concience and a crazy cane
Who walks around these worn halls who calls her by her sister's name

She can hear the whistle calling come on catch the old steamtrain
Before they finally close the line and leave you here in Delaplane
She waits then kneels to lift her copper pennies from the track
And rising up she hollars to the railman "don't come back"

This is home

You see a sister's a sister to me and it's blood just the same
Lord knows how the evil and the good will both flow through a name
She'll say we're like stones in a road all sized up and kicked off a bridge
Some tumble down under the riverwater and then
Some land up on the edge

This is home

Lyrics Jennifer Clarke Music Jennifer Clarke
Producer Judd Fuller Publisher Roccus Music
Performance Jennifer Clarke
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