Story Behind The Song

I was trying to write a rockabilly style song that was originally a truck driving song but didn't seem "Jeff Rauschl" enough so 17 ghosts came to life.

Song Description

A man deals with a strange and slightly humorous haunting but the reality is there's only one ghost that he's actually afraid of.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Nervous, Worried
Subject General, Worry Similar Artists Harry Nilsson, Warren Zevon
Language English Era 2000 and later


17 ghosts haunt my house
on this lonely street
17 ghosts you'd just never believe
17 ghosts roam these halls when I go to sleep
17 ghosts and they're here just for me
17 ghosts one's named Bob from the Civil war
17 ghosts there's a girl barely four
17 ghosts a poltergeist that keeps slamming doors
17 ghosts one drags chains 'cross my floor
A toy clown in a chair seems to laugh so incessantly
something kicks my bed while it tugs on my sheets
Hear a scream from the closet shrill intense so blood curdling
A ghost in my toliet I can here it go pee
There's two ghosts in my kitchen
haunting all my appliances
One making toast while another makes tea
I hear a ghost in my air ducts messing up my air conditioning
a ghost from Miami records Spanish TV
I had a ghost call my name
another ghost tried to tickle me
A ghost in my toothpaste tried to whiten my teeth
Is that a ghost on my phone I won't buy what it's selling me
17 ghosts where is my sanity?

The 17th ghost is what I lost it's your memory
17th ghost in my heart endlessly
17 ghosts but only one scares me can't you see
17 ghosts i can never break free.

17 ghosts oh 17 ghosts and you're still haunting me

forget all those other 16 ghosts there's only one that really haunts me
You're the 17th ghost.

very cool idea here

The things I liked best about this song were the bass drum and the lyrical twist at the end. The song might be more effective in context (either with other songs or accompanying video). Also would like to see the lyrical twist at the end moved earlier as a hook and then repeated for emphasis somehow.

Great Hook! Like the way the hook is placed in the song. Makes you remember it.

Very original. Clever lyrics. The music complemits the song very well. Loved the'Spanish TV' line

interesting lyrics and subject, funny tonque in cheek tune for sure...very unique--out to try to place it on one of them cable ghost shows...and i liked the kicker lines at the end.

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