Living 4U

Song Length 4:07 Genre Pop - Alternative, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Life Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Living 4U
aka- Living for you

There's a house you built up on the hill
It used to be your everything
And there's a diamond sits upon your hand
but it doesn't mean a thing

You've got a dozen trophies on your shelf
You gave your heart and soul to win
And though your fans believe they're precious things
You couldn't care any less

Didn't it glisten, didn't it glow
Like the stars that shine in the night?
Didn't you listen, didn't you know that it never satisfies -
Living for you ... Living for you

You turn your time to work and work to gold
And you guard what you have saved.
But now the more you get the more you want
And the hunger's never staved.

You've got a score of faces you call friends
And you surround yourself with them
But when the night is spent and they're all gone
Then the truth comes crashing in

Didn't it charm you, didn't it feel
Like the thunder shaking the sky?
Didn't they warn you, didn't you see that it never satisfies -
Living for you ... Living for you ...... Living for you ...

Backgrounds: It's empty and vain . Not living for others ..... Not living for God ..... it never satisfies ..

Lyrics Jeff McCain Music Jeff McCain
Producer Jeff McCain Publisher Jeff McCain
Performance Jeff McCain
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