Letter to a Liberal Friend

Story Behind The Song

Many of the songs I've posted here focus on the futility of life limited to a material reality. I lived that kind of life for many years so it comes naturally to me. But since I only allude to a possible solution to this dreariness in these other songs I thought I should include an overt song that describes the resolution I've discovered - so the listener is not left with a one sided view. This song - Letter to the Liberal - is not just clear and direct, it is probably offensive if the listener is actually the type of person I intended to address it to. I don't like being offensive but some things need to be responded to regardless of the fallout. The worldview I criticize in this song is one of those things and since it offends me on a regular basis I thought it was an appropriate antagonist.

Song Length 5:17 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Uptight, Heartbreaking
Subject Philosophy Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Well you like to talk of Buddha and you think Mohammed's swell
You don't even know there story but they fit in yours so well.

So you build up your collection - Confucious to Ghandi
With a hundred ways to heaven, you can pick what you believe.

Oh isn't it a shame - Jesus wont play in your game.
He said: "I'm the only way" and by the way, He's the only one who rose from the dead.

So the kingdom is within us, that's what you like to say.
What a sad imagination when you wont receive the king.

Ah but facts they don't confuse you; you're following your heart -
The motto of the tyrant, there's no difference in the dark.

Oh isn't it insane - Jesus is too hard to take. So you swallow anything, anything at all that you find, anything foolish thing that denies who rose from the dead.

Only Jesus, only Jesus has credentials
Only Jesus, only Jesus can forgive.

And you know that you are able, your goodness is so sure. No hunger, pain or dying if you could rule the world.

But it's you who've sown the choices the world is left to reap
And you have the nerve to question: "How could God have let this be?"

Oh isn't it so plain - Jesus is all that He said and he said He's your only chance; Your only hope to live, your only hope is Him - who rose from the dead.

Lyrics Jeff McCain Music Jeff McCain
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