Wee Bites W/Joe Ashbaker

Song Length 2:31 Genre Folk - Country


Wee Bites
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker et. al

Wee Bites, Wee Bites
Loved that Yeti more than he would tell
Wee Bites, Wee Bites
Drove that big old women straight to hell

All the boys told Wee, he had to find a she
So he found that Yeti deep inside a well
She asked if he would bite, Wee just said "he might"
'Cause he thought there's a chance to spread those thighs

-Repeat Chorus-

He asked her out that night, of course she said alright
So Wee went home to shit, shower and shave
He took her to the show, how was Wee to know
That she would take a bite of his banjo

-Repeat Chorus-

Wee Bites, Wee Bites
Promised to take her to Disneyland
When the time came, Wee just said chow mien
Now that Yeti knows that she's been canned

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Producer Jeff Ashbaker Publisher Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker W/Joe Ashbaker Label Jeff Ashbaker
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