Journey Home

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Americana


Journey Home
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker 10-14-2019

When there's no water, left for the flowers
And there's no salt left, in the sea
If the truth has been forgotten
Because the liar cops a plea
We should be, searching, for solutions
And a way to set us free

Who will be there, in our mourning
Who will be there, in the darkest, of our nights
When all the blue skies, have been shadowed, into the gray
Can we still rise from the darkness, into the light...
of day, the light of day

If there's no kindness left for the children
And there's no mercy, for the dogs
When the judgement, comes a calling
Will there be no one, to take the call
Were we distracted, by the chaos
Or disillusioned by it all

--Repeat Chorus--

And why are you still counting, on that, same old song & dance
When you know that, love's the only chance
For your journey home, for my journey home, for our journey home
We're not alone

--Repeat Chorus--

I always love your stuff. this is no exception. nice!

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