Song Length 2:26 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental

Well mic'd piano! A beautifully clean, rich, provocative sound! Well written. Sounds very professional! Love how it made me feel. It caused me great unexpected emotion - I actually have tears in my eyes as i type this and have no idea why! Gees this is a powerful piece of music and i am grateful i had the opportunity to hear it! 62 year old men aren't suppose to get emotionally upset by a piano player. I now need to hear some AC/DC to get me legs back!

Very beautiful piano playing - sounds like a piece for a very elegant movie. I like the plain piano and it's solitary feel, timing is great!

Beautiful haunting piano melody. Should fit nicely as background music in the right movie genre.

It's a beautiful piece. Superb melody. Really lovely musicianship. The pianist plays with real feeling. The tune evokes real emotion. Excellent change at 0.56. Excellent recording with great sound quality.

Nice job! Serious study!

Music Jeana M. Potthoff Producer Jeana M. Potthoff
Performance Jeana M. Potthoff
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Bob Bentley Just Beautiful 3/7/2019

Tornado 5-5-19 featuring "Mysterious"

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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