Left the Yard

Song Description

"Left the Yard" is a tongue-in-cheek song about getting your heart broke.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Americana
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Breaking Up, Dysfunctional Relations Language English
Era 2000 and later


Left the Yard
Music and lyrics written by Jay Matthes

First verse:
There's a picture of us down in New Orleans
You were laughing, you looked happy
That's the woman who I fell for - where'd she go?
And I kept the cards you used to write for me
They were kind and they remind me
of what we had before you left me down so low

You left the memories of the two of us, young puppy love
You grew up fast, got a big mean bark yeah
Broke the leash and left the yard

Second verse:
I remember when we first were starting out
It was beautiful, unusual
Different from anything I've felt, for sure
Oh but honey how you liked to scream and shout
and it brought me to my knees babe
when you told me you were walking out the door

Why'd you gotta go get nasty, nasty
Why'd you gotta go and show your teeth
Why'd you gotta go play dirty, dirty
Why'd you gotta go bite down on me


(Chorus x2)


Lyrics Jay Matthes Music Jay Matthes
Producer Michael Mann Performance Jay Matthes, Joe Hite, Myles Wangerin, Jack Kammien, Corinn Bonkalski, Michael Mann, Elliott Paulin
Label Independent
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