Bees and Chickens

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by my Uncle John's house in the country, and the idea of living a simpler life.

Song Description

"Bees and Chickens" is about a couple wanting to move to the country.

Song Length 2:43 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Home, Freedom Language English
Era 2000 and later


Bees and Chickens
Music and lyrics written by Jay Matthes

First verse:
We finally saved enough to start looking for a house
Bought a Sunday paper and pulled the Living section out
I said if you could settle down and build a family anywhere
Tell me where you'd wanna go and I will take us there
She said

Let's get outta this city
I'm tired of all the noise
I want bees and chickens
A big tree blowing in the breeze
Save me from this wasteland of traffic lights and fake tans
Oh I want bees and chickens
A gravel drive that brings me home to you

Second verse:
Well I guess it's settled
Baby let's go for a drive
Roll the windows down and keep a look out for that For Sale sign
and if it's like the picture we'll go knocking on the door
Spend the spring unpacking
Spend the summer on the porch


Oh whoa, if it ain't what you had hoped
Oh whoa, we'll just take it on down the road


Lyrics Jay Matthes Music Jay Matthes
Producer Michael Mann Performance Jay Matthes, Myles Wangerin, Jack Kammien, Elliott Paulin, Michael Mann, Corinn Bonkalski
Label Independent
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