Sun, Moon and Stars

Song Length 5:05 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Alternative


Sun, Moon and Stars
Words and music by J. Lundeen

Someday the sun is gonna shine
I know it seems its been awhile
The gray and rain as you look out your window
Will fade away see the sun and a rainbow too

The sun, the moon and stars
Will show you life goes on
Can mend your broken heart in time
The sun, the moon and stars

Someday the moon will glow again
Just like it used to way back then
Cold and dark lonely nights seem so hopeless
Slowly warm rising high see the harvest moon

Someday the stars will fill the sky
But you feel the emptiness inside
Just when it feels like your losing
Life begins make a wish there?s a shooting star

Lyrics Jeffrey Lundeen Music Jeffrey Lundeen
Performance The Jaydeans
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