I Keep Getting In the Way

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Alternative


I Keep Getting In The Way

Verse 1
I want to live in a new world
I tried to start today
But I see the problem is I keep
Getting in the way

I really want to know you
Want to know your name
But every time I try to
I keep getting in the way

Verse 2
All my things cluttered around me
How much did I pay
So easy to see just why I keep
Getting in the way


There?s a place that I?m going to call it solitude
Want to know will you meet me
Promise you I will clear my mind and I?ll leave behind
All those things that I wanted but only got in the way

Verse 3
Excuse you who?d I bump into
Oh what can I say
It was me it seems that I just keep
Getting in the way

Lyrics Jeffrey Lundeen Music Jeffrey Lundeen
Performance The Jaydeans
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Clean Clean

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