Beautiful Girl

Song Length 4:51 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Alternative


Beautiful Girl
Words and music by J. Lundeen

Beautiful girl although you don?t know it I?ve
Never seen anything so heavenly and sweet
Beautiful girl you think that you?re broken I
Wonder how much you know just what you do to me

You are so beautiful
You are so beautiful
I hope that I can find the words to let you know
That you are so beautiful

You light up my world like the sun every morning
You are the first thing that I want my eyes to see
At night I return and the day is over
When I lie down I want your body next to me

Beautiful girl you?re there every moment
The eye in my mind is always trying to see your face
Beautiful girl forever I?m growing
Further in love with you just let me count the ways

Lyrics Jeffrey Lundeen Music Jeffrey Lundeen
Performance The Jaydeans
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