I Dont Cry

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Love gone bad. Wife caught with her lover. Husband says "Goodbye" and walks away. She's found dead later and the lover is gone. Husband blamed and convicted by hanging judge. Storyteller is in prison contemplating it while the lover who killed her goes

Song Length 5:02 Genre Country - General, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Moving Subject Masculinity, Sadness
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, Clint Black Language English
Era 2000 and later


title- I Don't Cry
I looked in her eyes and saw a stranger
a look that I'd never seen before.
The look on her face spelled danger.
I knew she was headin' for the door.
Men don't cry. So I didn't cry. When she said,"Goodbye".
I went searchin' and found them in the sand.
What went through my mind I cannot say.
I found her in the arms of another man.
I made the choice to just walk away.
Men don't cry. So I didn't cry. When I said,"Goodbye".
Now, my love is six feet underground.
The prints they found were not mine.
Her new lover cannot be found.
My remaining years I'll question why.
Men don't cry. So I didn't cry. When the judge said,"Goodbye".
Now, I'm servin' time in San Quientin,
Until life lost is heaven's gain.
Too late I've learned my lesson,
love ain't worth this kind of pain.
Men don't cry. So I don't cry. When daylight says,"Goodbye".
Music interluce
Real men don't cry. So I don't cry. No I don't cry. But I'm bad to lie.

Lyrics James Floyd Wilson Music James Floyd Wilson
Producer James Floyd Wilson Publisher James Floyd Wilson
Performance James Floyd Wilson Label James Floyd Wilson
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