Story Behind The Song

I just love the old westerns and have been influenced by Marty robbins and Willie Nelson. Also, I lived a wild life myself, (drugs, alcohol, and fighting) and had experience with almost shootouts with my enemies before my life changing experience while

Song Description

In El Paso, a rough cowboy, that's killed 3 men, gets shot by a friend turned foe. The cowboy aimed for his enemies hand but the other guys bullet struck him in the chest a split second too late. He is caught up to heaven and then finds himself back in

Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Cowboy, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Content Subject Fight, Spirituality
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Went Down To ELPASO
(G) (EM) (G)
I went to down El Paso to have a drink or two.
(D) (EM)
I didn't know my old ememy would be there too
(D) (G)
I'd face death before,back in Abilene.
(D) (EM)
I sent 3 men to the grave,a bloody scene.
(G) (EM) (G) (D)
Mama told me not to go downtown.But I didn't listen.
(G) (EM) (G)
Here we go again a friend turn foe
(D) (EM)
I'm aiming for his hand it's risky I know

I drew my weapon and i shot straight.
(D) (EM)
Knocked the gun right out of his hand a split second to late.
(G) (EM) (G)
Bullet in the chect in the dust I lie
(D) (EM)
My blood soaking into the ground, I'm going to die.

Music interlude (loud)
(G) (EM) (G) (G) (D) (EM)
I see the light, Pearly Gates
(D) (EM)
Got to get right with my maker. Have I waited to late?
(G) (EM) (G)
I began to pray, "God forgive"
(D) (EM)
All of a sudden I'm back in my body I'm gonna live!

Music Interlude (loud) (Bridge)
(G) (EM) (G)
Doctor knelt down over me right there in the street,
(D) (EM)
dug out the bullet,bandaged the wound,Life is sweet!
(G) (EM) (G)
Got to change my ways Hang up my 45's
(D) (EM)
Keep out of the bars, lay off the booze, stay alive.
(G) (E#) (G)
Put on my Sunday-go-to-meetins' Church downtown
(D) (E#)
Now the Lord is on my side I'm Heaven bound!

Music interlude (E#)
Goin down to Elpaso

Lyrics James Floyd Wilson Music James Floyd Wilson
Producer James Floyd Wilson Publisher James Floyd Wilson
Performance James Floyd Wilson Label James Floyd Wilson
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