On Our Way...To Change

Song Description

Song about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - Rock


With nothing more to do I ran and ran
And thought could this just be part of his(God's) plan We're all caught up in this crazy rat race
Are we meant to slow down and have more space Maybe it's time we pause, take a break
Would that be possible, for God's sake
Tell me, are we on our way ... to change
But the price some pay is awfully steep
To understand the reason takes a giant leap (of faith) Yea, we all die one time or another
For those who perished maybe done for their brother Was death really the price some had to pay
Couldn't the message come a different way
Tell me, are we on our way ... to change

(musical break)
Are we on our way to change
The time has come we're on our way (repeat)

As I run struggling for that very last mile Encouraged to keep going by a stranger's smile Could this be a path to a new start
A friendly wave together we do our part
Let's pray and hope this siege ends soon
So we can dance to a different tune
On our way to change... someday

Lyrics Leonard N. Rich Music Jacqueline Cuba Norkin
Producer Scott Harris Performance Jacqueline Cuba Norkin, Victoria Alison , Scott Harris
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