Guardian Angel

Song Description

A song of love and Spirituality

Song Length 5:16 Genre Unique - Gospel, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Blissful Subject Spirituality
Language English Era 2000 and later


I closed my eyes
and quieted my mind
I looked around to see what I find
and I asked myself
just who i am

To my surprise, a voice began to sing
and there's a light that shines so bright within
Here I am

Let me be your
Guardian Angel
let me be your guiding star
I've been here with you
and ever
Never too far
Never too far

I closed my eyes
and quieted my mind
i can't believe, can't believe
what I find
Who I am

To my surprise, a voice began to sing
They say that love is the key to everything
Here I am

Let me be your
Guardian Angel
Let me be your shining star
I've been assigned to you
I'm gonna see you through
Forever, never to part
Never to part,

(instrumental Break)

Let me be your
Guardian Angel
Let me be your guiding star
I've been here with you
Forever and ever
never too far
Let me be your Guardian Angel
I wanna be
wanna be your Shining Star
I was assigned to you
Gonna see you through
Forever and ever
Gonna reach up for the stars

Lyrics Susan Sacco/ Jacqueline Cuba Norkin Music Jacqueline Cuba Norkin/ Susan Sacco
Producer Charles Newman / Mother West Studio Performance Susan Sacco/Singer Jacqueline Cuba Norkin/Piano Claudia Chopek/Violinist Forte Femme/Background Vocals
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