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i hate tv so i wrote this song

Song Description

the biggest oxymoron: reality tv. any tv is rotting brains all over the U.S.A. and this is my stab at tv companies and their sponsers for trying to trick the general public into believing them, and succeeding

Song Length 4:28 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frantic, Frenzied Subject Television, Addiction
Similar Artists Led Zeppelin, Sly And The Family Stone Language English
Era 2000 and later


i'm a zombie give it to me make me see what you want me to see
ive got the sickness ive traded for bliss my person's in question cuz its taken away
ill do it ill say it ill be what you want me to be
ive got your disease

sell me freaky tell me weekly im your consumer tell me what i should hear gimme power gimme pleasure this is how lifes supposed to be
ill do it ill say it ill be what you wnt me to be
ive got your disease

Completely, thoroughly and absolutely DUG this tune! In a BIG way. Lots of great aspects to this, but the best part I won't even describe because it's FEEL - and this has it. Vocal was sublime with great phrasing, just the right amount of grit, pitch and ATTITUDE that says I feel this deep and I MEAN IT - every note. Liked the doubled guitar lines a lot, especially in some sections like 1:34 and 2:40 where the pattern is revisited and then the octave higher line is added. Liked the guitar solo a lot at 2:15 as well. Had a great rough feel to it, but was still tight and precise. Liked the bass playing a lot as well. All players contributed to the big energy and stellar vibe of this. Great concept, well executed. So very well done. (Don't get pissed at me over this > Reminded me a little of some of Lenny Kravitz's tunes in a good way, but not at all derivative. This band/artist definitely has its own voice.

Really digging the rough-edged vocals and the wild guitars. Sweet, rockin' song all around.

Lyrics isaac sulzle Music isaac sulzle
Producer isaac sulzle Publisher isaac sulzle
Performance isaac sulzle Label isaac sulzle
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