Moving Forward

Song Description

From "A Thought Process". Released in 2004.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Moving Forward

anticipate to measure up
the pros and cons are all mapped out
can?t decide what to cut
assemble lines to get it done
take it out on the mind
soak it up don?t let it dry
siphoning can?t let it stop
there?s no time to let it out

moving forward can?t get faster than this

lack of air inside the walls
that surround the protocol
learn to take what?s ladled out
even if it?s hard to hold

moving forward can?t get faster than this

as the hand moves on the clock
farther down the string I walk
i?ll reach the end to figure out
things are not what was thought

moving forward getting cluttered
moving forward can?t get faster than this

ready or not
pile it all on
watch your balance as you sway

Lyrics Ricky Riemer, Terrin Riemer Music Ricky Riemer, Terrin Riemer
Producer His & Her Vanities Publisher Swim Swim Munch
Performance His & Her Vanities Label Science of Sound
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