Indie Rock band from Madison, WI. Unconventional approaches to a wide variety of songs that range from obnoxious and noisey to psychedelic and beautiful. Started in 1999. Self-titled debut record released in 2002, followed by "A Thought Process released in 2004. Both records were promoted through Advanced Alternative Media reaching over 300 college/indie radio stations. The band is currently working on record #3. Searching for label/distro.


Ricky Riemer- Guitar, vocals (also in Transformer Lootbag)
Terrin Riemer- Bass, vocals
Sara Winkelman- Drums
Matt Abplanalp- Plays guitar with the band for shows (also in Transformer Lootbag)


His & Her Vanities began in Ricky and Terrin Riemer's Wisconsin basement in late 1999. Writing Post-Punk/Pop/Art Rock-type songs together, the couple decided to branch out into a band. In 2001, drummer Sara Winkelman joined the Riemers, and after playing several live shows together, the trio retreated to the basement to record their self-titled debut record which was released in June of 2002. With the addition of Matt Abplanalp on guitar, His & Her Vanities became a four-piece for live shows.

The debut record was quite cluttered, chaotic and heavily layered. But that’s how the band was at the time. The second full-length, 'A Thought Process,' released in September 2004, took on a more stripped-down and true-to-live feel. H&HV has never been a band to stick solely to one sound or approach when writing and recording. Both records were recorded by Ricky in the Riemer’s basement, then mixed at Smart Studios in Madison, and released on the band’s own label, Science of Sound.

In the past H&HV toured lightly hitting cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Cincinnati, Memphis, Fayetteville, St. Louis, Kansas City, and a 2003 spot at SXSW in Austin. Of course they have also played their share in their hometown of Madison, WI, either as a headliner or as an opener for bands including The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Young People, Scene Creamers (ex-Make Up members, now called Weird War), The Mekons, and others. Things slowed down a bit when Ricky and Terrin had their second (and last) child in 2004. The time off from playing shows yielded more time to write new material though, and a third record is in the works.


“…immediately we, the crowd, are pummeled by their stage presence and their energy…Every arrangement is so creative, every song a work of surprising ingenuity…” -Jared Harvey, Emmie Magazine

“Whether or not Madison, WI has realized what an intriguing group it has in the difficult-to-pin-down His & Her Vanities is a question that begs to be asked; however, one hopes the answer is yes and implores the rest of the world to take a minute to listen to an infectious, fun, and refreshing group that simultaneously stands far out from, and somehow fits, into the scene of the numerous punk and post-punk revivalist bands that dominated indie culture during the early 2000s.” -Gregory McIntosh, All Music Guide

“Jagged vocal and instrumental lines drift in and out of phase in organic accidents, creating songs so thick that the listener has to experience the music rather than digest its parts.” -Sid, Too Much Rock

-CMJ sampler and ads in 2002
-Magnet sampler in 2002
-2002 and 2004 Radio promotion (indie and college stations) with Advanced Alternative Media
-2004 Named “Best Punk Band” by the Madison Area Music Awards
-H&HV music available online at Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby, MusicNet, LoudEye, DigiPie, MusicIsHere, MusicNow, MSNMusic, Puretracks, PlayIndies, MP3Tunes, Sony Connect, Napster, Weed, Rhapsody, Ruckus, Etherstream, Emusic, RuleRadio, Mperia, Liquid Digital Media, MusicMatch, Pass Along, Buy Music, Audio Lunch Box, Bitmunk, Net Music, Chondo, AwareStore

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