The Graveyard Shift (writer's vocal))

Story Behind The Song

Originally from my CD "No Formal Training"

Song Description

One songwriter's experience at a diner, during the late night "graveyard shift", and what he sees all around him while penning lyrics on a napkin, including a hobo named Gabriel, and even some singing angels. Poignant meanings deeper than the actual "story"'s about one's life and a "snapshot" reflection on it while seeing the activity in the diner.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Welcoming Subject Philosophy, Spirituality
Similar Artists Don Henley, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Graveyard Shift
©2011, 2012,2021 Words and Music by Warren Hein

In this blurry cafe
I write a song that tries to fit
Till daylight comes
No one here cares how long I sit
Tonight I look through dinosaur eyes
But man I'm no T-Rex, I won't slowly die
Another napkin attempt
To pen something the planet likes
But at this hour can I say it right?
It's the graveyard shift

That pretty waitress calls me angel
Can I find the nerve to talk to her?
Was that her skirt that brushed my table
Love at first sight, or for a bigger tip?
Hell who knows
It's the graveyard shift

When I add it all up
I'd live my stories again
When it's added up
I'll get a 7--no 8 out of 10
I'm the fool who limped those extra miles
Another suburb hero clicks through life's turnstile
This might be a helluva stretch
When God shines his big flashlight,
If not half bad I'll be half right
In this graveyard shift...

Outside that hobo talks to angels
He looks up and briefly our eyes meet
The late night crew says his name is Gabriel
In that neon glow his dancing is our gift
And so ironic
Even for the graveyard shift

It's the graveyard shift
The graveyard shift
The graveyard shift

Great song! Good quality production, nice arrangement.

Nice opening piano riff. Very warm and real feeling to this song, puts me right in the bar in the next seat. Great Instrumentation and composition. This what great song writing is all about. True emotion in this song, the writer knows how to reach the heart. Very, very well done. There were a lot of elements coming through nicely in the mix especially the Spanish sound on the keys near the middle.

Lyrically, and with the loping melody, it has the appeal of Bob Seger's "Main Street." It's a good story about the working person's America. Terrific short intro. Essential to any song is a good melody and lyrics, which this has, and the addition of midi instrumentation compliments the tune very well. It has every man's voice, which is a better choice than the beautiful voice preferred by so many producers, and has more expression.

If you could rate more than five stars for originality, I would. That's what grabs me the most about this song. Very soulful. Sounds like something that would be written at 3AM in a truckstop somewhere after a night of hard drinkin'. Great chord changes here also. Sounds like a pleasant mixture of Pink Floyd and Paul Simon. I could listen to music like this all night long. Hope somebody more important than me agrees with that assessment. Really good and original song!

LOVELY PIANO INTRO,with an excellent tonal sound,VERY CLEAR VOCALS,SO IT'S EASY TO HEAR THE INTERESTING AND COLOURFUL LYRICS,also I like the way when you said 'I'm no T REX'you had a Mark Bolan vocal tone to the voice,AS A COMPLIMENT I WOULD SAY IT REMINDS ME / SOUNDS LIKE THE GENTLER BOB DYLAN,very catchy chorus,

Nice vocals. Nice arrangement. Good instruments. Nice song I like it.

The piano is very nice. I also like the organ that comes in and the different instruments that re being used during certain parts of the song.

I don't know if you will appreciate this comment but I could totally hear this in a cult classic movie (Rocky Horror type)
I liked it!


Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Warren Hein/Wade Mosher Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Warren Hein vocals/Wade Mosher instruments (WFH)
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