Crash Test Dummy Blues

Song Length 4:46 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Crash Test Dummy Blues
Greenberg/Harpeth Rising

Miss Golightly trough the nightly, she's a crash test for the blues
Better keep her laughing or the joke will be on you
She's a crash magician, voodoo queen, thousand lover stare
She's got a face like the Virgin Mary and a heart like the electric chair
Comes in on a nightmare, takes you down the slide
Then she cuts out all your memories, leave a razor blade in your mind

Rosie, she can't remember, but it was on a night like this
Took her down to the station and she ain't been heard from since
You ask her what she's doin' now, she's gonna be star
Picaso does her makeup and Rasputin did her arms
And when she rolls the dice, comes up snake eyes every time
She acts like it don't matter, but I know who rights her lines

Here comes Beauty with the Beast, he can't believe his luck
His girl's in love with uselessness, he won't have to make it up
The tin man in the garden by the poison apple tree
Tells his friend, the wicked wind, just send that girl down to the Beast
The Beast, he rides at midnight in his invisible see-through cape
He will stay hidden, but he never will escape

There's a princess in the tower, rolls her hair right down to you
In this court they show no mercy on the ones who tell the truth
She takes up with a gamblin' man who teaches her to dance
And you know before you even tried you never had a chance
When the lights go down in China Town, take what you can get
If you find her selling roses, just pretend you never met

Here comes Johnny Smiles, they've been training him since birth
He knows the price of failure, but not what it is worth
The servant girls all pray for him and scatter at his feet
He agrees to take their gratitude but they wrap it in a sheet
Down on the city boulevard where lovers come and go
Johnny Smiles, he's been arrested, but everybody knows it's just for show

I wander through the night and fog; I've lost my sense of touch
When the cops cruise by with welder's eye, you know they've seen too much
The train's keep rollin' trough the night, the boxcars have been sealed
Brushing ashes from their hair, women watch them from the fields
And the train plows through the endless dark
And the night folds back and leaves no mark
And there's just the pounding of your heart
And what the emptiness reveals

©2011 Grimm Rising

Lyrics David Greenberg Music Jordana Greenberg/Rebecca Reed-Lunn
Producer Bil VornDick Publisher Grimm Rising
Performance Harpeth Rising Label Independent
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