All Through The House

Story Behind The Song

The song Is about a romantic encounter and is render in a expressive manner both sonically and vocally...

Song Description

An Electronic Ballad... Smooth yet Industrial...Romantic In Nature...Very Sensual... Throbbing synth Bass,Electronic yet expressive Choir, Emotional yearning vocals...

Song Length 5:23 Genre Electronic - Trip Hop, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Enchanting Subject General, Joy
Similar Artists Garbage, The Pet Shop Boys Language English


We turn the key and open the door we leave off the lights we're now on the floor The cabinets are full as we do what we do what we dare the floor is abandoned and then comes the chair
Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse acrobatic feats all through the house
Naughty but sweet as sweat pours this is what happens behind close doors
Up and down the stairs pausing between
as we look in the mirror admiring the scene
animal passion knows no bounds true nature shows when nones around
Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse total abandon all through the house Naughty but sweet as we enter the door all through the house who could ask for more

Lyrics Greg L.Hines Music Greg L.Hines
Producer Greg L.Hines (Brother Noyze The Mad Musician) Publisher HardKandyLand Publishing
Performance House Of Ill Repute Label HardKandy Records Inc
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