They Oughtta Write a Song About That

Song Length 3:02 Genre Jazz - General, Folk - Alternative


(c) 2003

Back at the start it was all hearts and flowers
Candlelight rondezvous that lasted for hours
But since he's gone, You toss and turn until dawn
Nobody ever told you it would feel like this when

Each tender dream just seems to fade like dew does
Your arms keep reachin' for the lover man who was
Faithless and mean, but now he's gone from the scene
They oughta write a song about that

About the way it hurts when you realize
All those promises were false
About the lonely sound when the music dies
Like a broken waltz

If there were prizes for those sighs of regret
You'd be the envy of the "Oh Woe is Me" set
Romance is through, it's just the piper and you
They oughta write a song about that

Romance is through, it's just the piper and you
They oughta write a song about that
Somebody somewhere...
Oughta write a song about that

Lyrics Halie Loren/Larry Wayne Clark Music Halie Loren/Larry Wayne Clark
Producer Halie Loren/Matt Treder Publisher Jammin' Salmon Music/Brainchild Music
Performance Halie Loren
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