My name is Per and I live in Norrköping (Sweden), where I study Music Production at the Linköping University.

My music has been broadcasted in Swedish radio & TV. I have performed at a couple of festivals here. I write music for commercials, films and I also produce videos myself. I am the founder of a production company.

I seek to express myself in my own unique way, as an autodidact, composing music mostly with the help of a computer and contributions from friends.

The intention with my music is to surprise, bring joy and to keep moving. I am an expressionist as well as an improviser. Therefore I love jazz and blues, from where I get the most of my influences. The music itself stretches from psychedelic electronica to simple pop tunes. My songs have been featured on different Broadjam Top 10 lists several times.

Currently I am collaborating with another Broadjam artist; the skilled guitarist Eric Fons. check out his site!

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DJPJGJ's remix of the score for the Swedish TV-show "Kobra" was played recently, replacing the old score, 5 times in total. Check for more info.

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Name: Per Jonsson
Age: 22
Place: Norrköping, Sweden
Skills (instruments): Drums, Piano
Skills (software): Pro-Tools, Reason, Cubase SX/Nuendo


I haven’t always seen myself as a musician; When I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a soccer star. But when I came in contact with music I was hooked. Me and my friends formed a pop band at the age of 16, I was our drummer. Later I started to write my own music, with the aid of computer software. It was so fascinating to create music that I forgot everything else, and spent hours trying to discover new music.

A couple of years later I had signed a contract with the Brittish record label Burning Petals (focusing on commercials and film music), played at the Hultsfred festival several times, I had been interviewed by Swedish TV and my music had been broadcasted on radio.

I decided to found a record company and to study Music Production at the Linköping University, and I don’t regret it. It feels right for me. Right now I’m working on a project where I’m recording kids.


The music styles I like the most are jazz and blues, but as a Producer I have learned to appreciate a lot of diverse genres. I get my inspiration mostly from jazz, concerts and everyday life.

I create music for different purposes. I write music for films and commercials as well as for pop artists and experimental collaborations. I record and produce bands and singers in my studio. Recently I have also produced music videos and sound FX for films.

When I write music I want to work as fast as possible, because I don’t want to lose the feeling of the idea I had in that short moment of inspiration. Therefore I leave most of my work unfinished, which is a shame. But I see myself as an expressionist and improviser, and my goal is to create new and unique music which hasn’t been heard before.


I am currently collaborationg with two Broadjam artists:

Eric Fons, who plays the guitar with a uinque touch and great creativity.

Jarvis Evans, who is an R&B/Jazz singer with a lot of talent and passion.

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