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Realizing my problems

Song Length 3:17 Genre Rock - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing


The world was better when I had myself together,
and the things I thought were real
They think I'm funny, but my thoughts are pretty ugly
and I don't know how I feel

I've spent my life, scared of my own shadow
sick and weak and always fallin back
I can't remember what its like to remember
cant remember life before I cracked

**But every now and then I have a moment of Clarity
every now and the I see the world through the eyes of me
and then I feel sorry...I'm sorry

I spent so many year just fighting off my demons
spent so much time just trying to see
that what I had was good and things could be so much worse
but then again how bad could they be

I've had some moments, but the moments are just moments
and in the end I'm just stuck with me
If I'm not living then I guess I should be dying
but I still don't know how I feel

the world was better when I had myself together..

Lyrics Greg Simmerlein Music Greg Simmerlein
Producer Greg Simmerlein Publisher Greg Simmerlein
Performance Greg Simmerlein
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